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We are always looking to work on innovative projects within Europe.

As a CIC organisation, it set up to innovate, entertain and immersive current and next generation humans by supporting media projects with an alternative, forward thinking approach within the community. We love what we do and everyday we appreciate life as an opportunity to advance the world and bring light to those in the dark through the use of modern sound and visual technologies. We are a great supporter of wellbeing and are committed to our mission to use media entertainment not only as a distraction from life, but also as a forward thinking tool to better the lives of individuals.

This website is currently under development, so for any project requests or enquires, please contact info@sevensuite.co.uk.

7Suite is a digital marketing identity offering local service businesses an amazing opportunity to target their ideal clients and grow their business.

7Suite is the digital marketing department that works in collaboration with JNVA.

For more information, please get in touch with Jason Neal at www.jnva.eu.

JNVA is the identity of director Jason Neal, who works with a range of wellbeing practitioners, clinics, therapists, beauticians and health coaches who want to be the best in their field by helping them to connect, engage and build trust with their ideal clients.

As a story-led content strategist & mentor, Jason’s specialism is to identify & offer creative solutions to my client’s challenges. He supports them with clear steps & systems/processes that provide the exceptional experience their client’s journey deserves.

He uses a powerful & proven combination of techniques, housed within 3 key pillars, that increases their professional reputation, value & allows them to reach an advantageous position to grow their passion/business.

JNVA is designed to help those who have a desire to make the world a better place.

The vision is for every client is to build the most trusted brand possible by having amazing connections with their audience & providing the high value service their clients deserve.

Mechanical Tree Productions was born out of a desire and passion to share important subjects linked to well-being, awareness and great music. The aim is to showcase both positive and powerful messages through the medium of film. We are specialists at producing contextual based media based on truth, immersive stories and music videos for artists who have something to share.

Website Coming Soon.

Happyme™ Audio is a unique collection of ‘bitesize’ audio stories with positive messages aimed at children aged 3 – 6 years old. The stories incorporate intriguing characters with engaging voices, interactive music and a story that delivers a positive message to children to support their early development.


To get in touch, please fill out our quick enquiry form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours, if not the same day. If we are busy, we’ll always endeavour to send at least an acknowledgement of your enquiry before responding with more detail. Please feel free to enter your contact number and a convenient time if you would like us to call back. 

Regarding ANY project, confidentiality begins the moment you email us so please feel reassured that your enquiry will not be shared with others unless we have prior permission from yourself. We do have a template Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.

Seven Suite CIC is a non-profit organisation that focuses on supporting alternative creative productions and providing technical media solutions. We concentrate on our strengths to not only meet, but exceed the needs of the combined audio/visual industries, providing a professional and charismatic approach to bring them to life. We offer a bespoke service, always working to our client’s brief in order to deliver and exceed a customer’s expectations.

Our three services and the teams within all follow our seven key values and passion for delivering your vision.

Our management of workload and array of reliable connections means that we can deliver projects on time and with assured quality. Our experts in their individual fields provide dedicated support, however all projects are overviewed by our Creative Director Jason Neal.

We also offer:

✓ Access to professional audio facilities at Breakpoint Recordings studios in the delightful city centre location just off Hope Street, Liverpool

✓ Loyalty Scheme and updates services for Regular Clients to include scheme and various payment options

✓ Free consultations on all projects

✓ Free demo presentation for compositional projects.

The history of our organisation dates back to late-2009 when Creative Director Jason Neal created the identity ‘Vizea Sound’ from the two words ‘Vision’ and ‘Zealousness’. These were the two most important characteristics for that he required for the business as it built from an initial idea to a recording studio with previous studio partner Joe Rhead in August 2011. Over the next two years, Vizea Sound worked on projects for charities, local musicians and high profile organisations such as the Home Office and Kick It Out Campaign.

Vizea Sound eventually established it’s home in it’s city centre location just parallel to the beautiful central location of Hope Street in early-2014. Shortly afterwards, the studio partnered with entertainments company ‘CoverStar Experiences’ who use the same space for regular group based experiences.

Between 2015-2016, Vizea Sound re-branding to our current identity, ‘Seven Suite’, which was derived from the seven most important key values to our organisation. These values are:

✓PROFESSIONALISM: To brief and delivered to the highest quality.

✓RELIABILITY: Dedicated team members, project outline with deadlines and maximum job limit.

✓ENTHUSIASM: This is what we love.

✓HONOUR: Loyalty schemes and 5 star client feedback, references on request.

✓TRANSPARENCY: Open website including previous project samples, other examples available on request, simple prices.

✓PERSONALISM: All projects completed with your project spec in mind, always to a brief and with prearranged milestones.

✓INDIVIDUALISM: Our vision is always to create alternative productions and involve ourselves in projects that commercially “think outside the box”. We do not force our work, it comes together with collaboration and dedication for our passion.

In mid-2017, Seven Suite has moved out of the HQ in Liverpool, however we have formed strong links with it’s current tenants, Breakpoint Studios, where we are still offer all the same facilities. We are now proud to announce that as our non-profit organisation grows, we developing and building professional relationships, starting to branch out into Europe and consistently producing many exciting projects with many more lined up on the horizon, including immersive experiences, audiobooks and English workshops within Spain.

Thank you for reading.