Welcome to Seven Suite CIC

Seven Suite is a non-profit organisation, providing a variety of engaging audio and visual content. The organisation was set up to innovate, entertain and immersive current and next generation humans by supporting media projects with an alternative, forward thinking approach.

We love what we do and everyday we appreciate life as an opportunity to advance the world and bring light to those in the dark through the use of modern sound and visual technologies. We are a great supporter of wellbeing and are committed to our mission to use media entertainment not only as a distraction from life, but also as a forward thinking tool to better the lives of individuals.

We have access to a professional studio based in Liverpool, suitable for audio production and live immersive events as well as working remotely from locations throughout Europe.

This website is currently under development. For portfolio examples of our work, please visit our director’s website Also, more information of our director’s previous work can be found by visiting his LinkedIn:


To get in touch, please fill out our quick enquiry form and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours, if not the same day. If we are busy, we’ll always endeavour to send at least an acknowledgement of your enquiry before responding with more detail. Please feel free to enter your contact number and a convenient time if you would like us to call back. 

Regarding ANY project, confidentiality begins the moment you email us so please feel reassured that your enquiry will not be shared with others unless we have prior permission from yourself. We do have a template Non-Disclosure Agreement if required.

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